January 27th

Today I went to a Feldenkrais workshop. I am really interested in awareness of body and movement. I guess partly from a personal perspective. Mindful awareness has really shown me how I have been almost unaware of my body for much of my life. I remember for examplenot feeling cold until I was suddenly freezing.

If you don’t know the Feldenkrais method look at this article. I am learning about how I hold emotion, tension , excitement, tiredness … in my body. As Moshe Feldenkrais who developed the method says in his book Awareness Through Movement:

“In order to think, for instance, a person must be awake, and know that he is awake and not dreaming; that is, he must sense and discern his physical ¬†position relative to the field of gravity. It follows that movement, sensing, and feeling are also involved in thinking.”

He goes on to say that to sense we must move, feel and think. All are interrelated. I think we tend to forget or dismiss the moving.


January 21st

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Well I offered to do something at Trading Love in Hanley. sounds like an interesting event, and I thought Trading Love sounds like a contradiction. Surely love is boundless. You cant parcel it up and swap it for something.

This led to thinking about Joanna Macy Рwidening the circle We cant just end loving with our nearest and dearest.

It moves so seamlessly into Loving Kindness meditation. I chose to offer this from Christopher Germer : Loving Kindness for Beginners.